C A R O L E    T H O M P S O N
abstraction, colour, geometric symbolism


HAppy New Year Carole, hope your well, love your recent works. TRevor and I now living in the country about 30 mins inland from Lorne where you and I stayed a few nights on the great ocean road, very beautiful, much love your friends on OZ XXX
Karen Smith - 6 Jan 2017
Looks great Carole! thank you for the advice and direction. It would be great to have a course that walked us all through doing our websites and how to keep track of CV and things like that....but one day right ;)In the mean time thank you for directing me to a great example of just that! As always love the Australian series and the geometric exploration and the cosmos piece are so fun, the new work the in-balanced composition so very intriguing and above all FUN! wonderful work!
NAomi Kennedy - 18 Dec 2014
Beautiful work and the site looks great. Hugs to you.
David and Laurie Ladmore - 5 Mar 2013
So great to see your wonderful work displayed like this Carole. I could sit for a long time watching these compelling imgages appear and disappear, into the time-space continuum.
Liz Wouters - 2 Mar 2013
congrats on the website.Very easy to navigate.
Lesley Turner - 2 Mar 2013
Nice looking site Carole... well done! Lets hook up soon. Cheer, Tony
Tony Bounsall - 12 Feb 2013
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